City of Centerville 

Festival of Lakes * Est. 1857

Fete des Lacs

Centerville's annual celebration where fireworks, kids free 1/2 mile run, an annual 8K and 5K run/walks are held.  Also, softball and kickball tournaments take place, comfort yoga in the park and kids inflatable rides.  The Centennial Fire District opens their doors to the public with an open house for the kids to sit in and view the fire apparatus'.  Call City Hall for more information regarding any of the items above.

A parade down Main Street/CSAH14 will take place on August 6, 2016 - (Line up - Parade Participants 9:00 a.m.).  The parade starts at 11:00 a.m.

A great way to become involved in your community is to volunteer for assisting with any of the above events.  Just let us know if you are willing to help by contacting City Hall.


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