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LOST PETS ~ Where does the Centennial Lakes Police Department transport animals that appear to be lost?



6848 Otter Lake Road

Hugo, MN 55038





Please be a good neighbor and a responsible pet owner and  follow Centerville’s  City Code pertaining to  animals.


Animal Cleanup:   You must have suitable equipment in your possession to pick up your animal’s feces when exercising your animal off your property.   Feces must be picked up immediately and disposed of in a sanitary manner.  During the period of November 1st – April 30 all feces shall be removed from the owner’s premises within seven (7) days, during the period of May 1st to October 31st all feces shall be removed from the owner’s premises within forty-eight (48) hours and disposed of in a sanitary manner.


Habitual or Frequent Barking or Crying of Any Animal it is unlawful for this behavior along with frequenting school grounds; chasing vehicles; molest or disturb any person if such person is not on the property of the owner or custodian of such animal; or to molest, defile or destroy any property, public or private.  It is the obligation and responsibility of the owner or custodian of any animal in the City to prevent such animal from committing any act which constitutes a nuisance.


Animals Running at Large is prohibited.  Dogs, cats and ferrets must be in the control of the owner at all times.  Animals are not allowed to run freely off of your property. 


Farm Animals shall only be kept in an agricultural district of the city or on a residential lot of at least ten acres in size, provided that no animal shelter shall be within 300 feet of an adjoining piece of property.  An exception shall be made to this section for those animals brought into the city as part of education, an operating zoo, veterinarian clinic, scientific research laboratory or a licensed show or exhibition.


All dog bites must be reported to the police immediately.  Use 911 for all service calls.  Otter Lake Animal Hospital will no longer accept stray animals dropped off by residents.  This must go through the Centennial Lakes Police Department. 


You are welcome to view City Code - Chapter 90, either by requesting a copy from City Hall at 651-429-3232 or going to this web site under City Code. 


Click here for Minnesota DNR information regarding state wild fire danger and current burning restrictions.


Recreation Fires are allowed on private property within Centerville as long as guidelines are followed:

  • Only dry clear wood can be burned.
  • The fire must not be larger than 3 ft. by 3 ft.
  • Leaves and grass clippings cannot be burned.
  • Fire must be clean burning. Smoke must not affect the neighbors property.
  • An adult must be attendance at all times.
  • Any fire larger than a recreational fire requires a burning permit. Permits are issued for a specific time period.
  • Leaves and grass clippings cannot be burned at any time. There is a compost site available.
  • There must always be a responsible adult present with the permit when the burning is conducted.
  • Additional conditions may be needed because of weather conditions.
  • There is a $50 dollar fee for a burning permit.
  • Burning permits may be obtained from the Centennial Fire District at 784-7472.     

Remember that burning the following items is strictly prohibited:

  • Hazardous wastes
  • Industrial solid waste
  • Demolition debris of commercial or institutional structures. (A farm building is not a commercial structure.) Burning of any structure should be referred to a forest officer.
  • Salvage operations
  • Motor vehicles
  • Oils
  • Rubber
  • Plastics
  • Chemically-treated materials
  • Other materials which produce excessive, or noxious smoke, such as, but not limited to: tires, railroad ties, chemically-treated lumber, composite board, sheet rock, wiring, paint, or paint filters.
  • Garbage, defined as discarded material resulting from the handling, processing, storage, preparation, serving, or consumption of food. 


GET READY * Get a Kit * Get a Plan * Get Involved

What does GET READY mean?

1.       Get a Kit. Make sure your home and businesses have the rightsupplieson hand in case of an emergency.

2.       Get a Plan. Create an evacuation/communication emergency plan.

3.       Get Involved! Take a class, donate money, blood,or your time.

Get Ready at Home * Get Ready at School * Get Ready at Work * Get Ready in Your Community

Click herefor a link to the American Red Cross – Twin Cities Chapter.

Click here for a link to CodeReady, a statewide initiative created to help all Minnesotans be informed, organized and connected on emergency preparedness.

Message From CSO Kirchner - The Centennial Lakes Police Department is committed to the prevention of crime.  To that end, the department will make its personnel available to you to conduct a security inspection of your home.  The service is free and includes a review of your home's windows, doors, locks, outside lighting and landscaping.  Department personnel will suggest ways to improve your home's security and discuss other ways to avoid becoming a victim of crime.

If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact Community Service Officer Kirchner at 763-235-2560 to make an appointment.


Centerville  Curfew Ordinance

Juvenile's may not be in any public place within the City of Centerville during the following times:

Under age 12 - any time between 9 pm & 5 am Sun., Mon., Tue., Wed. or Thurs; and 10 PM - 5 am on Fri. and Sat.

Age 12 to 14 - any time between 10 pm & 5 am on Sun., Mon., Tue., Wed. Or Thurs.; and 11 pm - 5 am on Fri. and Sat.

Age 15 to 17 - any time between 11 pm & 5 am on Sun., Mon., Tue., Wed. Or Thurs.; and 12:01 am - 5 am on Fri. & Sat.

Would you like to stretch your food dollars?

Would you like to have some extra dollars to buy fresh fruit and vegetables?  Are higher prices for gasoline, heating fuel, etc. leaving you with fewer dollars to buy quality food?  For more information on the Food Support Program, call one of the following numbers: 


For people 60 & Older:  Senior Outreach Worker


For those under 60:         Anoka County  

                                       Income Maintenance

                                       763-422-7246 (Adults Only)


                                       (Families with Children)

1880 Main Street, Centerville, MN 55038 Phone: (651) 429-3232 Fax: (651) 429-8629