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Festival of Lakes * Est. 1857

Mayor Jeff Paar welcomes you to our website!

"Flushable" wipes are becoming a large concern for the City of Centerville.  These wipes are not flushable and causing a large amount of repair bills.  Please remember that the funds utilized by the City to pay these bills are your tax dollars.  The City has incurred six (6) service calls at $250-$350/ea., removal of a damaged pump at $500, the purchase of a new pump & installation at $3,600 all within a six (6) month period. These wipes (child/infant, adult, pre-moistened, etc.) are not biodegradable and clog the City's infrastructure which causes equipment failure.  Here are a list of other items that should not be flush also:  fats, oils, grease, rags, paper, dental floss, feminine hygiene products, diapers (adult/child), condoms, sanitizing wipes/cleaners, band-aids, medicines, papertowels, hair, kitty liter, etc.

Certain permits may be applied for and paid for on-line and they are as follows:

Residential, Single Family Re-Roof/Re-Side (Click Here)

Assessment Search (Click Here)

Right of Way Permit Click Here

Residential, Single Family Electrical Permit (Click Here)

Residential, Single Family Mechanical Permits (Click Here)

Residential, Single Family Plumbing Permit (Click Here)

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Click here for a copy of the State of the City Report/Presentation 

The City of Centerville has a lot to offer residents, neighboring cities, and visitors.  Centerville has an impressive trail and park system, along with two lakes that provide year round activity.  You can also enjoy a fabulous meal at one of our many restaurants, or visit our local businesses that provide custom motorcycles and accessories, rental equipment, auto services, fish and outdoor supplies, convenience stores and a whole lot more.


Click here for a Fall Update from the Mayor.  The Council is in the process of reorganizing the structure of its current Economic Development Authority (EDA).  Currently all five (5) Council Members are appointed to this group and Council is considering appointing two (2) Council Members and three (3) individuals from the community.  If you are interested, please complete a Committee/Commission application and forward it to us for consideration.  Click here for a copy.

The Council has scheduled a Joint Work Session (February 28, 2018, 6:00 p.m.) with the Parks & Recreation Committee & Planning & Zoning Commission to work on their goals for the upcoming year.  Click here for a link to the Council's 2017 City Focus Goals or you can also find that link on the left side of this page.

Staff and Council continue to market local businesses and relocation opportunities for businesses interested in Centerville.

Council is discussing the 2018/2019 proposed roadway projects.  As you are aware several streets received mill and overlays with several trails also receiving new asphalt.

 You may contact Mayor Paar via:

Twitter: @Mayor_Paar

Facebook: Jeff Paar



Please remember it is prohibited to place landscaping rock, boulders, black dirt, sand, etc. in the roadway.  These roadways if damaged may need additional, unplanned maintenance at your expense.  Please keep all of the above on your own property.

Are you aware that if you renew your vehicle tabs at either the Forest Lake or White Bear Lake DMVs you will be charged a wheelage tax?  Make sure that you inform that you resident in Anoka County and that fee will not be imposed.  Due to the 55038 (Hugo) zip code people believe that you reside in Washington County where those residents pay a wheelage tax.

Comcast Cable is requiring that if you receive Public/Education/Government (PEG) Access channels only that you will need a Digital Television Adapter (DTA) to view these channels and that you may receive one (1) for free by contacting Comcast at 1-800-934-6489.


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